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In this category you can find protection for combat sports like boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, mma, for adults as well as for children: head guards, hand wraps, cups, mouth guards, shin guards.

All of our equipment is the result of our expertise inside and outside of the ring. 

At DOMINUS you can find products that match the needs of professional fighters as well as those of amateurs / beginners.

Each products is made with a specific training purpose, that is why we use different sorts of materials, paddings, designs, and fastenings (laces, velcro).

The technology and the quality are the criteria we use to manage our quality to price ratio.

All of our products are tested 3 times before being released onto the market: our athletes complete the first testing phase, and third parties help us with the second and third phases, in order to always keep an objective point of view.

Making the right choice it is important but it is not always easy, that is why we are happy to assist

you with making a decision.

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In order to help you understand our quality we like to share information about: maintenance, the different types of materials our products are made of, and more

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