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Video Gallery

Maintenance of your boxing gloves?

As well as the choise of your boxing gloves, the right maintenance is also important!

What is inside an headgear?

As you know the quality of the materail make the difference in terms of shock absorption and durability of the headgear, that is why we like to show you what is inside our headgear!

100% latex padding ... usually used for anti-shock gloves!

Here we show the 100% latex padding, that together with the right geometry and material of the gloves guarantee the anti-shock system.

What is a MULTILAYERS padding?

We like to show you the MULTILAYERS padding.
This is one of the best padding you can pretend for your hands, beacuse it absorbs really well the shock and it helps tightening your fist.
Do you know what happens to the bones of your hands every time you hit a punching bag or the opponent?
When you choose your fighting gloves, pretend the best for your hands.