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Social Project

'DOMINUS professional fighting equipment' & the social project

One of our goal is promoting and sharing the values of fighting sports: sacrifice, respect, determination, generosity, discipline and humility


Through a structured support of those girls/boys who have heart and desire to grow, by sharing our skills, providing sports equipment, free access to training and listening

Why in the environment of combat sports?

Primarily because we come from this world, than because the gyms of combat sports are breeding ground for men and women.

Boxing is fascinating, attracts, sculpts the body and the minds of the people ... it is a sport without veils that keep you in contact with yourself (it also applies to other sports)

Are we the first?

Of course not, I can proudly say that in every gym there is a coach who helps the boys/girls to grow, but now with our project we are trying to go further!

What do you mean ?

In short we want to support young people on the athletis front as well on the social one.

Who of us has never wished to work on a punching bag after an animated discussion?

Now think of a guy who is in adolescence, or without a parent, or otherwise in a situation not easy ... what happens to all that energy that builds up inside?

In one way or another suit this energy must come out!

At this stage it is important the role of the coach, who will have to 'know how to take' the boy, will help him to blow off steam and learn the virtues of these sports.

   Progetto Sociale Dominus Professional Fighting Equipment

But the outburst alone is not enough, and for this reason we decided to offer additional support through the figure of the psychologist-psychotherapist. Thanks to him, the boy will learn how to work out that mood (in a functional way).

What do the boys/girls do?

The boy undertakes to not commit a crime, to pursue his studies in school and the trainings, to help the coach in the maintenance activities of the sprot school

When & where?

The project was launched on September the 1st, at Boxing Rome San Basilio, right there where it all began with maestro Carlo Maggi, a coach and a father to many boys

   Dominus Profighting Progetto Sociale

Who does what?

Daniele Petrucci is the trainer at Boxe Roma San Basilio (on amateur level he compete at national and international level, as professional boxer he was 2 times Italian Champion, 2 times EU Champion, 3 times Intercontinental Champion)

Michele Perillo is a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, he has always been active in the social in Rome and in Potenza. For several years dealing with children at risk in the Municipality of Rome III

DOMINUS professional fighting equipment

We provide the equipment and we develop the project


Ibrahima (for his passion and desire to get involved), Dr. M. Ferrari (former athlete of national interest, psychologist and friend), K. Kauffmaan, M. Coccia and family for their support.

   Progetto Sociale Dominus