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About Us

Dominus is the result of the vigorous teamwork between the different relations in fighting sports: athletes, coaches and managers.

Each of us has a different background, but we all have the same drive: to provide our athletes with technical products suited to their needs. We supply the right equipment for their type, frequency and intensity of training, at the right price.

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Ethics and respect

Our brand is not globally recognized (yet) and to some that might seem as a weakness.

However, this is not the case. We see it as a strength, it motivates us to give our best!

We are the ones who arrive at the gym 30 minutes early, and we are always the last to leave.

We look upon one word as not enough, and two as too many.

We train to the fullest to feel alive and keep on improving.

We have a big heart and we love to learn

We don’t see obstacles, we only see opportunities.

In the market, as well as in the ring, we respect our competitors. We used to be their customers, now we move with them and we keep learning from them.

We provide our best

We have one of the most competitive quality price ratios in Europe.

This is due to our demanding strategy of cost management, and a functional collaboration with our athletes and our suppliers.

Quality without compromises

We use Premium Quality materials to manufacture our products

We base our choices on experience and extensive research

Leather lasts 2-3 timeslonger than a synthetic fabric and it fits perfectly thanks to its elastic property

Our multi-layer padding ensures optimal shock absorption and lasts 3-4 times longerthan a regular foam padding.

For who have our products been designed?

Our range of products is able to satisfy the needs of high level athletes, as well as beginners.

How many times did we continue to hit the punching bag, even though our arms needed rest?

How many times did we get unexpected hits, because we were tired and let our guard down?

How many times did our coaches encourage us to give even more, just to prepare for the real battle?

Our bodies are machines, capable of so much more than we expect!

Those hard times are the basis of bettering ourselves.

And these essential moments require the right equipment. The right glove or the right mask can make a difference, by helping you to contain and prevent bruising, dislocation or fractures.