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DOMINUS starting point


"A fighter is like a Diamond ...

It began as a rough material and he is simple and innocent

life carves people with sharp tools and hammering ... every day.

The blows of life are accurate,

they do not matter who you are,

they do not admit complaints,

they do not listen to your pain,

they do not care of your doubts,

they just work and recur throughout the course of life ... and they have no age.

Some stones are broken along the way, others will crack in it ...

But those few rough stones who manage to persist, to open their eyes despite the bruises ...

sometimes they become Diamonds.

Unique, fascinating and especially rare Stones.

To you I say thanks ..

My coach, my confidant, my sculptor ..

to you who have been able to accompany me along my silence

to you that you pushed me over,

to you who fed me with respect and tenacity,

to you you've been training for life and its evolution.

Honor to you "

... dedicated to you, my coach & master C.M.

by Christian Coccia