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Boxing gloves Gladio lim.edition
  • Boxing gloves Gladio lim.edition
  • Boxing gloves Gladio lim.edition
  • Boxing gloves Gladio lim.edition
  • Gladio

Boxing gloves Gladio lim.edition

Material: full grain cowhide leather
Padding: hand mold multilayers
Closure with 3inches velcro
Double stitches for a longer durability
Double velcro closure for extra wrist support
Extra security system of the thumb
Sport: boxing, muay-thay, kick-boxing
Training: sparring, pads
Intensity: everyday workout

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This is a limited edition of the Gladio boxing gloves, dedicated to our Italian roots.

They are made by a team of professional (coaches and athletes) for professional fighters in boxing, kick-boxing, muay-thai and mma. 

The premium quality leather, its tickness, the antibacteric material used inside and the double stitching guarantee a long durability.

The multilayers padding absorb properly the power generated with the impact and It allows for the proper tightening of the fist.

The double velcro closure guarantees a solid bandage of the wrist and keeps the glove attached to the hand even after long sparring sessions.

As you can assume these boxing gloves are tailor made for intensive training sessions!

Choose the Gladio and your hands will thank you!

How to choose the gloves that best suit your needs?

Buying the right pair of gloves is much more than a purchase, it's an investment. To choose the best gloves for your workouts we suggest that you consider the following factors: material, padding, closure, geometry, weight, typology and training intensity

1. Material: leather or synthetic?

Gloves made of genuine leather are normally used by athletes who regularly train because the skin is more elastic and lasts longer than a synthetic product.

Gloves made of synthetic material are a cheaper product, recommended to those who approach the practice of combat sports or train with moderate frequency.

Of course, leather gloves have a higher initial cost, but if you plan to train for a minimum of 6 months with a minimum frequency of 3 times a week, they are the right choice!

Buffalo or cowhide skin? Both are good products, buffalo leather gloves are a little cheaper as less elastic and less finished than those in cowhide leather.

If you aim for the best choose the best: full grain leather!

2. Padding: horsehair, foam or multilayer?

Padding is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a pair of gloves!

Why? Every time we punch, the bones of our hands undergo a trauma.

Without going into details, we will reduce the types of padding to 3 macro categories: horsehair, foam (PU), multilayer.

In the past the gloves were filled with horsehair. Nowdays these sort of padding is used mainly for professional match as it is very soft and easy to wear. Of course we have to consider that the hands of the professionals are wrapped with gauze and bandages and the gloves are meant to cover and keep tight the hands !!!

These gloves are not recommended for training with normal handwraps because the padding tend to flatten and in case of sparring it is easy to incur trauma to the hands and face.

The foam is made up of flexible polyurethane and other materials that make it more or less flexible, soft and dense. The foam used in anti-shock gloves (Supreme gloves) is made up of latex foam, a very expensive product but it guarantees the best shock absorption at the moment of impact.

Beware of false myths most of the gloves sold on the market at cheap prices are made with low density foam that after a few months break.

Multi-layer padding (Gladio gloves): as the word says, they have a layered structure works as a force dissipating speed bump, slowing down the force per each layer encountered. At the same time it guarantees hand closure. Here too it is possible to make further distinctions and the price will rise according to the materials used (simple foam, latex foeam, underlayer, gel).

3. Closure system: velcro or laces?

In the past were used just gloves with laces, then, for convenience, it has made its entry into the market the velcro closure system.

Gloves with velcro closure are often used in gym workouts and are mandatory in amateur-type competitions, on tghe other side the gloves with klaces closure is a must for professional athletes in combat sports as you can see in all the professional match of Mike Tyson, Muhammed Ali, Pacquiao, Sugar Ray Leonard and more

3. Which "oz" are good for me?

In order to match the needs of the different athletes and the purpose of the trainings, DOMINUS professional fighting equipment produces gloves from 6 oz till 18 oz, for children, ladies, man, amateur and professional athletes.

For info> 10 oz = 283,495 gr

The fit of our gloves change according to gender and weight. For example, women's gloves have a tighter fit than that of a man, and the growth of the oz increases the grip of the gloves so as to allow the correct grip and protection for the hands.

In general:

school boys and juniors train witgh 6oz or 8oz,

ladies, strating from 14 years old, train with 10 oz, 12 oz and 14 oz (sparring)

men, starting from 14 years old, train with 12oz, 14oz (sparring for athletes till 68kg), 16 oz (sparring for athletes till 80kg), 18 oz (sparring for athletes >80kg)

professional fighter compete with 8oz (till 54kg) or 10oz (horsehair padding, laces closure)

amateur fighters compete with 10oz or 12oz

for workout with the pads is recommended gloves 12oz (with multilayers padding)


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